A pipeline for an anterior lateral motor cortex study

Extracellular recordings from anterior lateral motor cortex (ALM) neurons of adult mice performing a tactile decision behavior. Data contributed by Nuo Li in the lab of Karel Svoboda at Janelia Farm.
This is the extracellular neurophysiology data set and behavior data set described in Li, N., Chen, T.W. et al Nature 2015.


Data pipeline for the somatosensory cortex 1

This dataset comprises calcium imaging data from vibrissal S1 in mice performing a pole localization task. Data contributed by Simon Peron in the lab of Karel Svoboda at Janelia Farm.
The data is described in A Cellular Resolution Map of Barrel Cortex Activity during Tactile Behavior. Simon P. Peron, Jeremy Freeman, Vijay Iyer, Caiying Guo, Karel Svoboda. Neuron. 2015 May 6;86(3):783-99. doi: 10.1016/j.neuron.2015.03.027

Visual Stimuli

A datajoint-matlab pipeline for presenting and recording visual stimuli with PsychToolbox


A pipeline for a retina electrophysiology study

This data set has single-unit neural responses recorded from isolated retina from lab mice (Mus Musculus) using a 61-electrode array in response to various visual stimuli. Recordings were done by Yifeng Zhang in Markus Meister's lab at Harvard University in 2008.
Lefebvre, J.L., Zhang, Y., Meister, M., Wang, X., and Sanes, J.R. (2008) Gamma-Protocadherins regulate neuronal survival but are dispensable for circuit formation in retina. Development 135:4141-4151.